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PCR Perfect: Any Instrument, Any Condition, Any Time

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Bio-Rad PCR supermixes are designed with advanced enzyme and buffer formulations for robust amplification with even the most challenging templates and target sequences.

• Superior gene expression results — consistent performance in all cycling conditions
• Increased detection sensitivity and efficiency in compromised samples — Sso7d fusion polymerase has increased resistance to a wide variety of PCR inhibitors
• Decreased run times without compromising qPCR data quality
• Improved results with predeveloped qPCR assays — advanced formulation tolerates a broad range of reaction conditions, primer concentrations, and temperature ranges.

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Rethink What You Know About PCR

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Structural Biology Rap

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T100 Thermal Cycler User Reviews

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Relief from cloning headaches

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New Semi-Automated Heat Sealer Delivers Consistent and Reliable PCR Plate Sealing

Bio-Rad has leveraged its 20 years of experience in PCR to develop an innovative, semi-automated heat sealing system for PCR microplates. The new PX1™ PCR plate sealer helps deliver a perfect seal by removing human variability from plate sealing. This newly introduced system helps eliminate a common problem in the thermal cycling workflow — sample evaporation. Evaporation during PCR can lead to the loss of precious samples and valuable research time. Additionally, sample evaporation may result in poor experimental uniformity by permitting larger standard deviations among replicate samples, complicating data interpretation. The PX1 PCR plate sealer delivers uniform temperature and pressure across a seal and plate, ensuring that every well is perfectly sealed and protected against sample evaporation.

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The fundamentals of PCR

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