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The Aztlán Kid

What if the Mexica people had defeated Cortez in 1519?
This book imagines what would have happened if this once flourishing and highly advanced nation of people did not succumb to the onslaught of Herman Cortez and the Spanish Empire.
• What if they had pushed Cortez and his men back into the sea?
• What if the Aztlans were a thriving global power today?
• What role would they play in 21st century society?
• How would they have evolved their religious and superstitious beliefs?
• How would their love of science and education contribute to world-wide peace and progress?
These questions come alive through the misadventures of one of the Aztlan Empire’s leading scientists who ventures away from his utopian society to attend a U.N. conference in New York City.
Tototl is a modern day Aztlan priest of science. He lives in the Mexica capitol city of Tenochtitlan where he works for the Aztlan Space Agency as a red microbiologist. Red biotechnology refers to the use of organisms for the improvement of medical processes.
Tototl’s specialty is in manipulating genomes in order to create genetically engineered cures to diseases. His government is searching for solutions to harvest crops in space. Tototl’s entire life is engrossed by this quest and he’s certain he’s close to discovering solutions.
His path takes him to New York City and the United Nations where leading global scientists are meeting to discuss alleviating world hunger.
His passions – and failures – lead him to a beautiful Russian microbiologist. He tries to enlist her help to find the missing key to save the human race from extinction in the near future.
Once in New York, he becomes an unknowing pawn in scientific espionage, entangled in gross misadventures. To his dismay, he suffers the social disadvantages of one who comes from a misunderstood and isolated culture in a nearly utopian society.
In the span of a few days, Tototl encounters an Aztlan defector turned CIA agent, a beautiful Russian scientist, a Blackwater soldier of fortune, a modern day Aztlan warrior and a team of CIA agents against a backdrop of a crowded NY metropolis and two of its renowned hotels.
Virtual strings are badly pulled by NASA, the CIA, Blackwater and even Tototl’s own Ministry without his knowledge. In an injudicious effort to keep the US Space program competitive, Tototl’s adversaries bungle their way to self-destruction, committing a series of farcical and egregious errors.
Tototl is obsessed by his love for science, and for his nation and its people. He struggles to find his way in a global society that seems to abhor his cultural values for peace and fairness. How can he protect his sensitivity and disdain for competitiveness, and still survive? His story reveals the character, courage and wisdom of his ancestors, his mentors and their remarkable world.

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