Chromatography Systems Bonanza

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Chromatography System Includes:

  • Workstation with dual-piston pumps and valving connections-able to connect up to 3 low-pressure and 3 high-pressure valves
  • Gradient mixer to ensure accurate gradient formation
  • AVR7-3 automated injection valve with MBB technology
  • Standard UV detector with fixed 254 and 280 nm filters; additional drop-in expansion filters (214, 365, 405, and 436 nm) are available
  • Conductivity monitor that monitors salt concentration to ensure reliable gradient formation and pump functions
  • Computer with BioLogic DuoFlow Software Version 5.3

Optional Upgrades:

Bio-Fraction Collector
BioFrac™ fraction collector offers flexibility with 15 different track options to collect microliter to liter sample volumes.

BioLogic QuadTec™ UV/Vis detector that enables simultaneous monitoring of 4 wavelengths for greater sensitivity without background interference.

BioLogic Maximizer™ valve system that enables automated buffer blending, which eliminates manual buffer titrations; doubles flow rates for F10 and F40 Pumpheads; and doubles valving
capacity (6 low-pressure and 3 high-pressure valves).

C-96 Autosampler
The C-96 Autosampler enhances the BioLogic DuoFlow chromatography system, providing automated, accurate and reproducible sample injections. Easy-to-install accessories allow for a wide range of injection volumes from 5 µl to 5 ml.

Choose from 10, 20, 40, 80 ml/min maximal flow rates

Valves for buffer blending, buffer selection, column switching, large volume sample loading, reverse flow and tandem chromatography

Catalog #760-0037, BioLogic DuoFlow 10 System

Offer valid through September 28, 2012. Valid in Canada only.

For more information, call 1-800-268-0213 or email at

To read more about Bio-Rad Laboratories chromatography systems visit

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