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Cell counting as easy as 1,2,3

I hate counting cells. It is a tedious and boring process that is time consuming and inaccurate. However, there is another solution. Checkout this link with a video demonstration of Bio-Rad Laboratories TC-10 cell counter . Can you say Load, Insert and View Results? Can’t get much easier than that!

To schedule a live demo, fill out the contact info on the

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Cell Culture Paradise

Counting cells is a crucial part of cell culture life. Whether performing transfections, treating or simply passaging your cells, it is often important to determine the number of cells in your culture and their viability. The process most often involves the use of a hemocytometer and a microscope and is done manually through a boring and laborious technique. Moreover, manual counting can be strenuous on the eyes and involves a certain degree of subjectivity-especially when comparing trypan blue stained and unstained cells.

Bio-Rad’s TC10 Automated Cell Counter is a fantastic new instrument which (as its name suggests) will automate the cell counting procedure for you and remove subjectivity. It is also capable of determining cell viability when your cells are stained with trypan blue and will provide you with an exact number of live cells in your culture. Check out the video for details on how the system works.

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Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR Workshop Coming to Your Neighbourhood

The tech note that was written last year entitled: “A practical approach to RT-qPCR – Publishing data that conform to the MIQE guidelines” by Sean Taylor, Michael Wakem, Greg Dijkman, Marwan Alsarraj and Marie Nguyen has been published in Methods (2010 Apr;50(4):S1-5.). To support the MIQE Guidelines and best practices for qPCR experiments, Bio-Rad has initiated a half-day qPCR workshop to:

1. Analyze your own RNA samples to assure that they are of appropriate quality and purity for qPCR.
2. Demonstrate the importance of accurate pipetting, good technique and quality reagents with a pipetting competition (prizes will be awarded!).
3. Teach you how to design a solid experimental approach for excellent results that conform to the recently published MIQE guidelines (Bustin et al. 2009; Taylor et al. 2010).

If you are interested in holding a workshop in your area please send an email to Be sure to leave your name, email address, phone number and location and someone will get back to you shortly.

Taylor S, Wakem M, Dijkman G, Alsarraj M, & Nguyen M (2010). A practical approach to RT-qPCR-Publishing data that conform to the MIQE guidelines. Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 50 (4) PMID: 20215014

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Webinar Announcement: Enzyme Kinetics-A Biofuels Case Study

No budget to travel to conferences?

Join Bio-Rad for a FREE Web Conference and learn new skills from the comfort of your own computer!

Bring enzymes to life in your classroom with relevant and topical applications. Enzymes and biofuels – a great combination!

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Time: Two Sessions –
3:00 PM Eastern (12:00 PM Pacific) – REGISTER
7:00 PM Eastern (4:00 PM Pacific) – REGISTER
Presenter: Cindy Gay, M.A.
Steamboat Springs High School
Steamboat Springs, CO

Enzymes are critical to life and are central in any life science curriculum. Enzymes spiral throughout life science curriculum and provide many opportunities to incorporate best teaching practices, but how excited and engaged are your students? As a case study for enzymes and factors that affect enzymatic reactions, biofuel production is a hot topic that connects many big ideas in both biology and environmental science. Looking at enzymes through this light allows us to explore enzyme activity as well as hands-on labs for teaching enzymes. This webinar will consider why it’s important to teach enzymes including enzyme function, regulation and industrial applications and will share tips on engaging students that have proven successful in the classroom.

Webinar Agenda
Why teach about enzymes
Enzymes overview: function, regulation and STEM applications
Biofuels as a case study for real-world applications of enzymes
Hands-on labs for teaching

Presenter’s Background:
Cindy Gay completed both her undergraduate and graduate work in Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado. For the past twenty-nine years she has taught biology to students ranging from middle school to college undergraduates. A Nationally Board Certified teacher, Cindy is currently teaching Biology, AP Biology and Anatomy/Physiology at Steamboat Springs High School in Colorado. She has been recognized for her teaching, curriculum and staff development as a recipient of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching, Outstanding Biology Teacher, Amgen Award for Excellence in Science Education, and Teacher of the Year.

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Two New Video Tutorials from Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad has recently added 2 new tutorials to their repertoire. Check out the video on how to set up and run the Mini-PROTEAN TGX Precast Gel in the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell and the video on how to prepare and open the Mini-PROTEAN Cassette. Clink:

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