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Favorite Biotechnology Tweets

From Mount Sinai Hospital

iPad App Brings Neurology Learning to Park Benches, Streetcars #innovation

New Research at Mount Sinai helps to Personalize Treatment for Bladder Cancer

Two Mount Sinai doctors elected to the Royal Society of Canada

@uoftmagazine features Mount Sinai researchers who are looking at the link between music and health

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Favorite Biotechnology Tweets

From Science North ‏@ScienceNorth: The West Nile virus has recently been found in Northern Ontario. Staff Scientist Bruce Doran helps us understand…

From The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Public forum: The Future of Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

From Genome Alberta Our latest GE3LS Digest on genomics, ethics, and society now online at

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Favorite Biotechnology Tweets

Networking is key. How to Land That Dream Job When You Lack Certain Skills via @WSJ.

It’s baaaAaack! Our contest for you to win $200 towards your textbooks! #uOttawa

Advice on using social media tools for research, from Prof. Adrian David Cheok

Innate immunity meets autophagy! Find out how a DNA sensing pathway triggers autophagy to control TB infections.

Interesting new paper from the Sad lab on IFN-I induced cell death in macrophages :

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Favorite Biotechnology Tweets

@Job_Search_AB Full/part time summer jobs in Alberta

‏@InsideChinaBio ChinaInsider is an independent news reporting service that covers the Chinese life sciences industry

‏@GenomePrairie Reminder: registrations for Genome Canada’s Listeria competition are due in ONE week (Sept. 4).

What does innovation mean to you? Create Your Own Innovation Definition

Register now for the Genomics: the Power and the Promise conference, November 27-28 in Ottawa!

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Favorite Biotechnology Tweets

The Alzheimer’s pipeline: What’s next?: Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease: Victims lose their …

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