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Holiday Science Read: How Nanobiology Battles Chaos

Nanoscale Weird Tales: Peter Hoffman’s Life’s Ratchet

Peter Hoffmann’s fine book, Life’s Ratchet: How Molecular Machines Extract Order from Chaos (Basic Books, 2012), is an introduction to nanoscale biology that you should be buying as a holiday gift for your friends and relatives. The science that explains how this world operates is statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics is the science of how the macroscopic emerges from the microscopic, and it is the basis of our understanding of the nanoscale machines and systems that build life from molecules.

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Holiday gift for your favorite biotechnology executive

The Biopharma Navigator





I3 Analytics charts the biopharma landscape with a focus is on building an intuitive map of the biopharma landscape, giving the ability to make fast, intelligent decisions. Click here for more:


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Holiday gift for the lab scientist

Post cards to send to you buddies.

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Holiday gift for the lab scientist


Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

A fundamental scientific phrase

Correlation does not imply causation. Just because there is a correlation between two variables, does not mean that one CAUSES the other. Great gift for scientists

Or order your own pithy quote.



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Holiday gifts for the lab scientist


No fish food needed!

We love this goldfish that never needs to be fed. A perfect way to distract a colleague from finishing off that paper by year’s end! Perfectly naughty!

Any gift suggestions of your own?

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