A Video Introduction to Flow Cytometry

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Introducing Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of its new Bio-Plex Pro RBM Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays. Developed in partnership with Myriad RBM, Inc., these multiplex immunoassays permit robust and simultaneous quantification of a highly relevant set of protein biomarkers for the study of diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, as well as related conditions such as cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

To better understand the relationship between metabolic and cardiovascular conditions, researchers need to study a wide range of disease-associated biomarkers, including gut and pituitary hormones, acute phase proteins, adipokines, nutrient-binding proteins, and growth factors. Because these biomarkers often act in concert, researchers would benefit greatly from the ability to simultaneously measure multiple analytes in a single blood or cell culture sample. The new Bio-Plex Pro RBM Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays were designed to meet this need.

Bio-Plex Pro RBM Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays comprise seven distinct multiplex panels for the detection of 39 analytes, of which 15 are unique to Bio-Rad’s panels. Myriad RBM’s collaboration with Sanofi and the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) in testing samples from the ORIGIN diabetes clinical trial was instrumental in the selection of markers in these panels.

Benefits of Bio-Plex Pro RBM Assays include:

  • Robust performance — validated to meet rigorous analytical standards and manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines
  • Reproducible data — lot-to-lot correlation specification of R2 ≥ 0.9 based on sample testing
  • Rapid results — multiplex data in just 3.5 hours through the use of magnetic beads and the fastest assay protocols

Bio-Plex Pro RBM Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays are compatible with the Bio-Plex® 100/200, Bio-Plex 3D, and Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Platforms, as well as all other Luminex-based xMAP Instruments and Software.

Please visit www.bio-rad.com/bioplexpr for more information about Bio-Rad’s Bio-Plex product portfolio.

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Up All Night to Get Published!

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McMaster Scientists Awarded Over $13M in NSERC Funding

The Government of Canada and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) are investing more than $13.6 million in research at McMaster University.

The funding will support 79 research programs over terms ranging from one to five years. These awards comprise the 2014 competition results for NSERC’s Discovery Grants and Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS).

McMaster has been funded for 73 research projects totaling $12.475M and received more than $500,000 for six researchers for equipment and tools. The Discovery Grants Program funds ongoing programs of research in every scientific and engineering discipline. The Discovery Accelerator Supplements – awarded to accelerate progress and maximize the impact of superior research programs – are valued at $120,000 over three years and provide the researcher with additional resources to compete with the best in the world.

The following life scientists have been included amongst the awardees:

  • Eric Brown-understanding ribosome biogenesis
  • Reuven Dukas-the use of individual and social information in insects
  • Jonathan Dushoff-how ideas and behaviors spread on networks
  • Michael Farquharson-development of X-Ray instrumentation for analysis of biological tissue and other material applications
  • Turlough Finan-UV and visible light, fluorescence and luminesence Microtitre Plate Spectrometer
  • Grant McClelland-Evolution and Plasticity of Muscle Metabolism

View the full list on the NSERC website.

For more information visit McMaster.

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Canada Ranks Sixth in Global Science Impact

A recent publication by Thomson Reuters analyzed over three thousand researchers that ranked among the top 1% in their field for the most citations in a given year. This method of analysis is believed to produce a list of scientists who have the biggest global impact on science.

While American researchers come in first in terms of their global scientific impact, occupying over 76% of the list, Canadian scientists proudly represent 6% of the top names in science worldwide.  Although this may seem like a small number, it should be remembered that Canadians only represent approximately 0.5% of the global population. Therefore, Canada is more than towing its weight in terms of scientific excellence.

So who are Canada’s most cited scientists? According to the list, the top 3 names are:

  1. Salim Yusuf, a cardiologist and director of McMaster University’s Population Health Research Institute
  2. Marco Marra, director of the Genome Sciences Centre and a professor of medical genetics at the University of British Columbia
  3. Steven Jones, Head of Bioinformatics and Associate Director, Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency

However, as an article in the Globe and Mail points out, Canadians shouldn’t let these numbers get to their heads. A deeper analysis of the Reuter’s study reveals that:

  • Canada is lagging behind in its number of top scientists per capita
  • None of Canada’s research chairs have made the list
  • Only 10% of the Canadians that made the list are women

The take home message? Canada is well positioned to produce excellent science that will have a huge global impact for many years to come. Nonetheless, more opportunities for Canadian scientists to network amongst global peers will likely have a positive influence on Canadian researcher’s global footprint. Furthermore, more investment is needed to encourage a larger percentage of our population to pursue a career in science and a sincere effort should be made to give female scientists the support they need to make inroads into the top echelon of highly cited researchers.

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PCR Perfect: Any Instrument, Any Condition, Any Time

To view the interactive tutorial visit http://www.biorad-ads.com/supermixes/content/

Bio-Rad PCR supermixes are designed with advanced enzyme and buffer formulations for robust amplification with even the most challenging templates and target sequences.

• Superior gene expression results — consistent performance in all cycling conditions
• Increased detection sensitivity and efficiency in compromised samples — Sso7d fusion polymerase has increased resistance to a wide variety of PCR inhibitors
• Decreased run times without compromising qPCR data quality
• Improved results with predeveloped qPCR assays — advanced formulation tolerates a broad range of reaction conditions, primer concentrations, and temperature ranges.

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Single Cell Western Blot

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