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28:47 minutes of online biotechnology diversion for your kids

Sit your kids down on your device of choice this Saturday for a while and have the second cup of coffee.

Click here for SID THE SCIENCE KID | Getting a Shot: You Can Do It!

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Biotechnology Kids

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Biotechnology Kids Weekend

This book, though a bit old illustrates, simplifies, and humor-coats the important principles of classical and modern genetics and their experimental bases, with amusing anecdotes about how the ancients tried to explain inheritance and sex determination.


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Gotta love your local science centre

We found a great article published in yesterday’s Montreal Gazzette on the value of science centres and informal education on science education. The article correctly points out that having “fun” at the local science centre should not be confused with wasted time. On the contrary, what may be misperceived as “simply” fun can actually be an invaluable learning opportunity.

To read more visit the Montreal Gazzette article .

For a ton of science education resources visit .

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Greatest Genetics Discoveries Part 3

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