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Animations of Unseeable Biology

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Thinking About a Career in Teaching Science? Read This First

It is often in the dog days of summer that many graduate students who are nearing the end of their studies, begin to think about their future career options. Some of these options include post doctoral work, industry research, education and other opportunities that may be completely unrelated to the bench. The dizzying array of choices can make it difficult for students to decide what to do next. As a service to the scientific student community, the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute has put together a series of profiles highlighting some career paths that build on a science background.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a science teacher, then you definitely should read Dr. Ryan Williams eyes career as high school science teacher.

Here is a brief excerpt from that article:

The job requirements include the patience of a saint, an elephant’s hide, a marathon runner’s stamina, and Justin Bieber’s ability to hold a crowd, plus the cross-disciplinary erudition of a Da Vinci. With these qualifications you might have the makings of a high school science teacher.

Take it from one former post-doc in the Dennis lab that aiming to teach high school science is not for the faint-hearted. “It’s like being a scientist. You don’t do it for the money; you do it because you love it,” says Dr. Ryan Williams.

Click here to read the full article.

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Awesome way to teach science

For mos of us, grade 6 is a long-gone memory, not to mention any science that we may have learned so many years ago. But what if your grade 6 science teacher produced a YouTube rap video (just pretend that YouTube and the Internet existed back them) just like the one below. Wouldn’t you have remembered much more? How many more students would have been turned on to science if they had a creative and inspirational teacher like this one? Then again, more people interested in science means fewer jobs….but I digress.

If you are considering getting into science teaching after you finish your graduate degree, take a lesson from this science teacher.

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Mind-Controlling Parasites

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Rockin Genetics Class!

I wish my high-school science teacher was like Mr. Parr!

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